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I hate titles.

April 25, 2012

Seriously, one thing that annoys me is finding a catchy title/username/link or whatever. You have to think of so many things, like will people like it, does it embody your purpose or stuff like that. It’s stupid how so many us get annoyed with this kinda thing, but we can’t overlook it. You know how I got my blog’s name of ‘breathingliberty’ ? Believe it or not, I was just watching Chasing Liberty (one of my favorite movies by the way, excuse the chick flick fandom) and thought ‘hey, I like the word liberty.’ The word ‘breathing’ soon came out, after ‘tasting’ sounded a bit too off. That, my friends, is the glorious tale of my oddly-named blog.

I’m not gonna go on and on about how much I hate titles and the likes of it. I’m gonna talk to you how hot it is right now. Seriously?? Global warming?? Why are you doing this to us?? I mean, I get it. It’s April and it’s supposed to be hot. But really?! I’m stuck at home with a laptop, a copy of Catcher in the Rye and some water. I’m telling you, this is like ever day life for me. But hey, definitely not complaining. Instead I’m gonna plan what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks. Kind of like a to-do list, except it’s not necessarily ‘to-d0’ but more on like ‘if-you-get-to-do’.

List of things I want to/should be doing:

1. Go to the beach and get that pretty sun-kissed skin despite my being naturally tan.
2. Eat lots and lots of blueberry cheesecake, Crunch and Hershey’s bar and Toostie Rolls.
3. Practice good dental hygiene after my sweet tooth fest.
4. Take lots and lots of pictures that scream ‘I’ve got a carefree life and it’s summer so I can do what I want bitches!’
5. Lose a ton of weight that manifested from the said sweet tooth fest.
6. Hang out with my friends and take lots of memorable photos before school starts.
7. Learn how to cook – whatever food there is.
8. Learn to drive stick and go on the road alone.
9. Not get lost while in the road.
10. Stick to the ‘summer after high school’ stereotype.

I guess that’s generally what I want to be doing right now instead of lying around like a pig. Biggest Couch Potato award goes to me! Well, I got my chick flicks handy, so I guess I’ll give it a bit more time.

‘Til the next post.

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