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Destination: Monte Carlo, Monaco

May 3, 2012

Now, if you’re thinking that this is some fantasy of mine related to the Selena Gomez movie “Monte Carlo”, then you’re a smartie! I’ll never admit it in person, but I’m a sucker for lavish and timeless looking places with an abundance of eye candy European men. I don’t even need to date one, I’m satisfied just looking at them! What can I say? This place, has a ton to offer. If you’ve got the finances – of course!

It’s not really what you’d call a “Backpacker’s Haven”, more like a “Royalty Getaway”.  Although, there is more to this place than meets the eye, it’s not all Grace Kelly fairy tale. The Grimaldis – Monaco’s royal family – holds history aged in centuries. That’s what is most captivating about this place, it’s history and how it appears to stay so grand yet overly classic.

Have you ever imagined yourself, lounging on the Mediterranean coast while surrounded by the beauty of shimmering castles and grand hotel/casinos? Nope, I never it imagined either – just European men. (Insert awkward laugh.) Seriously though, where else can you feel so engulfed in European glamour and extravagance other than Monte Carlo? It also doesn’t hurt if you’ll be a guest at the Hotel de Paris with a Ferrari in tow, right?

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