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Breakfast Is Served

May 13, 2012

I can’t cook. Actually, I can’t do anything domestic fairly well. Clean, cook, you name it – I fail at it. It seems so funny to most people, that they get used to my inability and either not let me do anything (yay!) or struggle with me during whatever task is given. The only guarantee I have of feeding myself is breakfast. No rice, no heavily seasoned and prepared meat, and no dessert – just a couple of fruits, bread, eggs, cereal or the sort. It get boring having the same breakfast everyday. Unless, I spice it up. What motivates me to do such? Pictures. Glorious Tumblr photos of mouthwatering breakfast meals.

Good Heavens! Prepare yourselves.

I told myself I would start eating healthy, but everything is just too tempting! Probably some fresh fruit, eggs, or milk would be good to kick start the day. I prefer my eggs hard boiled, seeing as it’s apparently “healthier” and have some cereal plus orange juice or more milk. On an occasional basis I crave scrambled eggs, or eggs benedict (which is hard to find and hard to make!), I also need to eat some sort of meat but that rarely happens. If I’m in a rush, I grab a banana or an apple – healthy and efficient! Although everything is so fast-paced, the best way to go is to have a sit down breakfast, with some jam and french toast, eggs, ham or bacon and freshly squeezed fruit juice or milk. Indulgence + healthiness = happiness.

Disclaimer: All of the photos I found on tumblr and are not mine.

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