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Makeup Bag!

May 14, 2012

I love makeup! It’s fun to try out new colours and play around with it. Although, I admit I’m far too lazy to put on a face full everyday, it’s good to have some essentials with you while travelling, or essentials in general for those who don’t hoard too much makeup. I find it such a bother how some women can keep a cabinet full of makeup, unless they’re a professional make up artist of some sort. But teenage girls? Really? I know it’s their money to spend, and I’m saying that it’s okay to have some random splurges, but please, don’t overdo it. You can invest on something better and longer lasting!

So here’s some of the makeup essentials I’d like to have until I hit pan or run out. These things would last me ages and are of good quality too!

Make Up Essentials!

Make Up Essentials! by breathingliberty featuring a sheer lipstick
This would be all the makeup I’d need for whatever event, or just everyday. Lip colours are the ones with an abundance since you can do so many looks with them, and the urban decay Naked 2 palette is a life saver for women who are on the go or those who don’t wanna hoard a ton of mac  eye shadows. Tinted moisturizer is good for everyday wear and it also works for certain events, if you need just a bit of coverage.The YSL Touche Eclat is a life saver for under eye circles or certain blemishes! Of course, you would also need to moisturize those lips and have handy travel brushes or make up brushes in general with you!

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