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Destination: San Francisco, California

May 16, 2012

Have you ever read this book called ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ by Stephanie Perkins? It came out last year,  total chick-lit, and I love it. It was basically boy-girl fall in love, the usual kinda thing but here’s the good part – it took place in San Francisco. It gave the whole enchilada at that. From the beauty of Dolores Park to the colorful streets of the Castro, with the protagonists residing in one of those gorgeous Victorian houses. We also can’t forget the  countless T.V shows that brought to light this marvelous city, Full House, That’s So Raven and Nine Lives of Chloe King are only some of them. I hate how ABC Family cancelled Nine Lives, I felt like it needed to stay. The story line might be a bit off, but it needed to stay because people wanted San Francisco, which the show was built around. Now I get why people say ‘I left my ❤ in SF’.

When I was a little girl (and yes, I once was *snort) I visited San Francisco a couple of time, and to me it was just another city that I’d easily forget about. Boy, was I wrong. I haven’t been there in nearly a decade and I actually miss it. The uphill/downhill roads, the beautiful parks, the cable cars – even the Fisherman’s Wharf! I’m not even a fan of seafood. Nonetheless, San Francisco is a memory on it’s own. It’s a place that has so much diversity that so many people can feel like they fit in. It may not be as booming  as New York, or as posh as Boston but it’s definitely something beautiful.

I could go on and on about how beautiful this place is,  but my words won’t be doing it any justice. One thing’s for sure: this is a place worth revisiting.

Photos found on Tumblr.

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