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The Diamond Queen

June 11, 2012

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth for a tremendous 60 years on the throne! I watched the Diamond Jubilee on BBC since I couldn’t actually be there in London amidst the thousands of patriotic Brits and the wonders of a beautiful country with such a strong monarchy, so this will have to do. This post is a  little delayed, but no rush.

I’m not British, far from it in fact, but I am completely entranced by the magnificent history and culture that they have. The fashion, delicacies, and men are just too beautiful to pass up! But enough of my British obsession and on with the Diamond Jubilee highlights. First, we take a look back when Queen Elizabeth was 25 years old. When her life change forever (cliche, but true). From princess to queen, she has been through countless prime ministers and adversities far beyond the women of her generation. Annus Horribilis as she labeled a certain time when the monarchy was at it’s weakest, from the fire in Windsor Castle to the two separations of her sons, Prince Charles and Andrew, you could only think that a Queen has gone through so much.

Congratulations, Your Majesty!

Also, you’ve got to give Prince Phillip some credit for being such a supportive husband. It may be easy to help your wife with the dishes once in a while, but to rule and embody the heritage of a country 24/7? Mind numbing.

In President Obama’s words to the queen, “Many politicians have come and go, but Your Majesty’s reign prevails.”

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