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Overbearing Expectations

June 20, 2012

If you’re one of those kids with overbearing parents who expect perfection from you, then join the club. I grew up with the idea that perfection is the key to success. I was pushed to the limit, and up until now perfection is still expected of me. To say that I’m sick of it all, would be an understatement. Sometimes I just want to dig up a hole and hide in it forever. What’s worse is that when you’re expected to be exemplary, you have the same idea of others. It has put me in somewhat of a mess in the past. A narcissistic personality, others might say, can be a hindrance from a normal happy life.

So many teenagers suffer this everyday. Kind of like what the stereotypical Asian parents would expect of a stereotypical Asian child. And yeah, I am Asian but the situation is not that stereotypical. It’s all the same though, it’s hard and annoying. It’s something we try to ignore, and it’s something we try to break free of. What most of us forget is that the tendencies we grew up with – the overachiever factors – becomes a habit. We might try to tone it down, but it’s already second nature to us. The next thing we know, is that we put pressure on others and demand from them the same qualities our parents demanded from us.

Truth be told, this may be born out of love. The ability to succeed would mean the ability to try harder, and the ability to try harder would equal us to the best of our performance. Maybe others see that our potentials aren’t properly used, maybe they want to push our limit, and “widen our horizons”. A common mistake is force something onto someone, when it’s not meant for them. Others may prefer joining the Mathletes than be a Prima Ballerina, while some may see that music interests them more than Biology does. Maybe the right brain functions better than the left, or vice versa. Either way, the only person who can help us figure out what we’re at good at in life is ourself. Yes, it will difficult and yes, it will take up a lot of time but at least there’s progress.

Some of us may not be good at anything at all, and that’s not something to be discouraged about. It’s normal to be normal. Expect more from your abilities but keep your feet on the ground and your head away from the clouds. Stick to reality, because as reality dictates: nothing and nobody is perfect.

Just for laughs.

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