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Time Is Chasing Me

July 15, 2012

Everything’s moving too fast. People walk by like they’re being chased by dogs, and time never seems to take a break. Is it the weather? My nonsensical thoughts on everything and everyone around me, maybe? Or is it just the lack of adaptability all of us experience when things just go by all too quickly. See that? I can’t even slow down on which one. I wish I could just head back to the past, where everything was all horses and corsets. Living the debutante dream of formal balls, and old-fashioned suitors. I don’t need a Romeo, all I want is a well-dressed young man walking up to my front door with a promise that he will write to me. A la Prince Albert to Queen Victoria.

I hate the way things work now. The world has offered me so little to hope for, thus the abundance of a sadistic point of view. No more gallant men, in well-worn boots, and clean handkerchiefs; just douchebags who have baggy pants and a stupid sense of humor. I’m not talking about romance, I’m talking about authenticity! Everything at present seems so fake, easy and an eye sore, kind of like a prostitute. There may be some good things like ice cream makers, and flamingo-printed pink scarves but other than that what fun is there? Where did the authentic feel go? Did everyone just wake up one day and decide to kind of ruin the modern world?

Change is inevitable, I get it. But why is it that so many things are being damaged? So many people are being ignorant? So many aspects in life becoming dispensable to so many of us. If I could just order the world to stop for a minute, take a bit of time to chill and let everyone relax maybe we’d all get back our sanity. God, take me back to 1850.

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