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I blame society.

July 16, 2012

Maybe in an alternate universe I’d wanna settle down and choose a family rather than my career. Maybe in a distant planet, I would let my heart ignore what my head says and just go for it. Maybe in another time I wouldn’t be such a Gamophobe and actually be in a commited relationship. But let’s face it, there is no alternate universe or distant planet or another era that I could travel to that would change my hellbent negative outlook. It’s just how my world works, or the way I see it.

It’s not that I have no faith in love or men. Well, I don’t have faith in both but the story still goes on. It’s me. I simply fear what people yearn for. I fear the normal, I guess. I fear expectation. I fear that someday I will have to drive a minivan, and live in some place where your neighbor’s dog poops on your lawn and that’s completely normal. I fear grocery shopping for meals to cook for an entire family, and ironing some random man’s dress shirts. Most people would kill for a life like that, but I think the world can offer me more.

Somewhere far away or right next door lives a woman with a nice house, a nice car, and a nice family. Someone with a nice – maybe okay – job, with a husband that has toolbox in the garage. It’s something ordinary, something normal, and something I don’t want  and would never expect to have. I live on the edge most of the time – not in a cliffhanger, highly-skilled assassin/operative kind of way. I’m more like the “spontaneous outburst of rash decisions and leaves people hanging” type. No commitments, no stability, and definitely no promises. The only promise I can make is to myself. The promise of not falling into the senseless crap of  suburban stability and mid-life crisis. I want fireworks and glitter, but I also want adventure and mess. I want stuff to go uphill and downhill in a way only some can imagine. I want a life. A life full of unexpected things with so little confusion. What I want is basically a paradox, and that’s because I don’t want anything specific. I just wanna live.

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  1. July 22, 2012 11:56 pm We should be friends. 😉 Not that I thought I was alone in the idea, but it is so nice for someone else to express that idea of life out loud. You have no idea how bad I want to share this, and I think I will! Thank you so much for visiting my blog so I was able to start reading yours!

    • July 23, 2012 6:11 am

      Thank you for the wonderful comment :)=Share away! I recently followed your blog, and I’m very glad I did.

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