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Lonesome Liberation

July 21, 2012


Being alone isn’t all that bad. In fact, it isn’t even bad at all. It’s a liberating, light, and fresh feeling that sticks to you for a good amount of at time. Take it from the commitment phobe, nothing feels better than only having yourself and your feelings to worry about. You don’t need to contemplate on whether or not to confide to your significant other about some privy and uncomfortable matter. It’s just you, your thoughts, and your choices.

You can never avoid the feeling of being lonely to the point of misery, but you can also pick yourself up and turn to the bright side (very predictable yet very true). The bright side being that you are your own hero. You can wake up at 4 am and decide to take a road trip to Kentucky, and meet random cute strangers along the way. The whole idea of independence is right in front of you, at your hands and in your disposal.

For all of you self-proclaimed ‘lonely birds’ out there here’s a few tips: You’re not lonely, you’re independent. You’re not easy, you’re worth it. You’re not expendable, you’re one of a kind. Sometimes those who walk alone, and don’t have pointless fluffy conversations with their boring boyfriends are the most irreplaceable of sorts. They’re the ones who stay on the outside, so that when it’s time to enter they’ll know what to do and how to survive.

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