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At the wrong era.

July 23, 2012

With my pessimism aside, life’s good. Not great, not dreadful but good. I never really considered our would to be all that fantastic, it’s just too stuffy and fast-paced. Maybe I’m just a slowpoke, but I’ve come to realize that I was just born in the wrong era. Do I think that I’m better suited in the 1940’s? Most probably. 1920’s? I’d like to think so. 1800’s? Hell yes! There’s just the itty bitty problem of Women’s Rights, but other than that I’m all good.

Hypocritical coming from someone who uses the internet to voice out her thoughts, but if not the internet then what? Nobody reads the paper any more (well I do), and no body actually cares about heritage. The whole idea of the Victorian Era puts me at a state of awe, and I pray to God that someday time machines would actually be built.  Also I hate war, it’s a waste of money and lives, but history’s there and 2 significant wars puts that history in the limelight. I’m not fond of the idea and concept of war, but that doesn’t mean I have no interest to learn about what happened. I have a great fascination with all things historical, the 2 World Wars and Queen Victoria’s just a big part of my fascination. I’m also a ginormous fan of the late Eva Ibbotson with my favorite books being A Countess Below Stairs and The Morning Gift. Such well written novels with feisty heroines.

Maybe it’s not change of century that bothers me. I don’t really know what. All I know is that I have a special love for World War I & II, Russia, Britain, men in the military, and a long list of other historical events.

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