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Someone be my problem solver.

August 1, 2012

It’s stupid to think life is gonna get better in the end. First of all there is no such illusion as ‘getting better’, stuff just become more bearable. And for the ‘end’ part, what end? What part? If I could just write a whole novel, trilogy, or even ten volumes of encyclopedias about how much of a tragedy my life is and always will be; I would. Fact is, I can’t because I’m too lazy and have more important things to do – like worry about the credits and classes that I’ll have to take to make it look good for medical school, the lonely feeling I get everyday and night, and the criticism that comes with it.

Sometimes it’s so unbearable that I can’t help but whine and cry about it. Now where does that get me? Puffy red-eye central, that’s where. All I want is a little less pressure, and bit more hope. I have so much that I have to do, in a position where time is scarce. I just wanna give up at some point. I just wanna flop down and do nothing, but as life dictates it has to go on and at one point or another I’ll have to get up from my crying mess and finish what has been started.

If anyone has any idea on how to solve life problems, please do share them. At this rate, I’ll do anything to avoid the depression that might come. It’s a difficult time, and my blog must be some big old boring slob to all of you now. But I’m just voicing out the feelings that are always repressed, the words that no one can voice out, and the emotion that everyone tries to hide. I’m letting out the hurt, anger, and fear. I just wanna take a break, and for once in my life not worry about anything. Anything at all. For once in my life I wanna utter the words ‘It’s all good’ in the utmost sincerity.

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