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America’s In Debt Because It Wants To Be

August 7, 2012

Student loans are my last resort. Absolutely the last. I don’t wanna live the rest of my life worrying about a 100,000 dollar debt to whatever bank/institution/government that exists. I go to school so I can get a decent job and earn decent money. I wouldn’t want that said decent money to vanish just because getting an education is so damn expensive.

I’m not big on the ‘student loan complaint’ because one, I don’t have any loans, and two, I have a plan A-Z that (hopefully) works. It’s just that I view it so unfair to so many people that they have to pay back SO MUCH just receive quality education. I mean hello, America, you’re in debt because you let your people be in debt. No matter how democratic/republican we look at it – our country is in debt because most of the people here are having an overly difficult time with the economy. Where else would the money go? To us people, right?  And what do we do with it? Spend so that we can live, don’t you agree? I don’t know how the rich continue on getting richer without ever feeling guilty.

Rich people do so-called ‘charity work’ so that their tax becomes lower. That’s ridiculous, and unfair. I mean yeah, we might have a few good souls here and there but please, the majority? They don’t even care. I can go on about how some celebrities (ehem, Kardashian clan) can be so famous – and for what? I mean seriously, Kim K, you don’t need a million dollar cake or diamonds on your lollipop line! It’s judgemental for me to say, but really? A million dollar candy while most of us try to work our asses to even get a new Prius? if you wanna argue hard work, I know about 50 people who can do twice as much hard work as any of those snobby socialities. And they say the people doesn’t work hard enough.

So for you folks being problematic with your debts, here’s a little idea for you. Stop what you’re doing and think stuff through. Do you really need that new T.V? Or the latest version of the Ipad? Or even that trip to Hawaii? Or do you need to pay of your debts before you die of old age? I don’t know about you but I just wanna live my retirement happy and worry-free.

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