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Olympian highlights!

August 17, 2012

Okay, I’ve watched the whole Olympics just like everybody else in my country. I mean it’s on NBC 24/7 so I could never miss it, and I love sports so the Olympics was a no brainer. There are some highlights of the games which people put out into the world and make it a trending hashtag, but let’s talk about the athletes. So much eye candy, and so much talent! From Tom Daley to the Fierce Five it’s like good looks come with being an Olympian. So here’s my picks.


Holey guacamole. Seriously, forget Ryan Lochte for a moment and focus on the GORGEOUSNESS of Tom Daley. He’s British so that’s always a plus. He’s my age, and of course he’s an olympic diver. Need I say more? No but I want to. Apart from the ‘wth’ autobiography he seems like a really sweet guy with a devotion for family. Definitely first on my list.


Ryan Lochte on the Bachelor? Count me in! I’ll sacrifice being a desperate airhead if that means I get a chance to just feel his god-like swimmer abs. Srsly, he looks good in any angle. In any angle even in water. Beat that Michael Phelps! #JEAH


If I were a dude, I would totally have Alex Morgan as my Olympic crush. She’s the pretty athletic girl who’s got a sparkly smile. Plus, she’s a beast in the soccer field. Guys might have a pretty hard time catching up though. I mean she’s tall, beautiful, athletic, great career ahead of her, and a Olympic Gold medal to here name already.


You could never go wrong with gymnastics. These girls have been training all their lives to be where they’re at, and to be olympic champions at only what 16? 17? Incrediballs. I mean I spent those years figuring out pre calc and the species that are boys. Props to these 5’1″ dynamos.





The dream bodies also jump onto the men’s gymnastics. From Jake Dalton to Epke Zonderland to Marcel Nguyen, you can never just have enough hot men in this sport. I think they’re a bit underrated, but that’s okay. More eye candy for me!



Last but obviously not the least. Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. I grew up watching my grandpa play tennis, and he’d take me to games and sit with him when a match in showing on T.V. I remember as a little girl, watching Masha for the first time and noting how pretty and strong she was – or is. Maria Sharapova, at only 25 years old, holds championships than your average post grad. Plus, she’s a great model too.

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