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The Wonder of Fall

October 26, 2012

Fall season is finally here! I’m a tad too excited about it since the weather’s finally complying with my feelings. I can feel the cool breeze in the air all the time now, and it’s simply amazing. One thing that I haven’t mentioned before is that I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada. “Wheeew” is usually the common reaction to this, but fear not folks I’m 100% sane and you’ll less likely find me walking around the strip. We actually have quite a few “suburb” types here, and it’s a fairly okay kind of town. So anyways as you can already tell – I live in a super duper hot city. And I mean that literally! So it’s kind of a relief to have the cold weather again plus it’s almost Halloween! I’ve never really been into tick-or-treating; I’m just a die hard fan of the candy. I’d love some Tootsie rolls and Jolly Ranchers, but sometimes my teeth just wont comply with my craving nor does my throat. So watch out for the killer sweet tooth guys, make sure it doesn’t land you at the dentist’s or give you Tonsillitis! That’s always been my biggest problem. I have a HUGE sweet tooth with an overly sensitive throat. All I can do now is hope for strength in the face of a truckload of candy.

Let’s take a look at the best things Fall can offer:


Okay, so Vegas doesn’t really offer this bit but that doesn’t make me love Autumn leaves any less. They’re just a wonder to look at. A true novelty of nature .


I just love the colors in this photo, and the pumpkins of course! It still amazes me how some people can carve them so well.

Fall Style.

From scarves to riding boots to cardigans to flannel, fall style is by far my favorite! I feel like it’s either too hot to dress up in summer and too cold to even try during winter, but fall is just perfect for those days when you’d like to look a little more put together. As you can see I just can’t get enough of fall looks and am limiting myself to 3 photos when I have about 50 stocked up! It’s when my inner-preppy comes out. I mean, I dress like a prep most of the time but fall just ignites the whole dressing up factor.


& Candy Apples

My sweet tooth is going CRAZY right now. Staring at all these candy and candy apples makes me want to run to the nearest store and stock up for myself. It’s just not practical and good for me since I have to watch my sugar intake due to the fact that I might develop a sore throat seeing as how it’s becoming an addiction. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like Tootsie Rolls or Jolly Ranchers or all the chocolate bars out there? And candy apples?? Need I say more? They’re just DIVINE. Okay, so I have a serious sweet tooth and candy addiction but hey, this is the only time of the year where in loads and loads of candy is easily accessible.

Song of the season:

Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran

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