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Lola and the Boy Next Door & Meeting Stephanie Perkins

November 4, 2012

I already mentioned how eclectic my taste in books are but I think I haven’t fully emphasized my obvious gravitation towards YA novels. I can’t help it! In real life I’m a total commitment phobe and anything affectionate but when it comes to literature I’m a die hard for cuteness and first love. Maybe it’s because I never actually had a real experience with ‘first love’ before that I just love to delve into it through the eyes of another being that can actually put it into magnificent words. Here’s where Stephanie Perkins comes in. She’s written two very, very, very amazing YA novels so far, and the third companion novel is going to be out by summer of next year (I just CAN’T wait!) Her first book Anna and the French Kiss opened so many doors for me. I don’t know how because all I’ve done was read it, but it got stuck inside me for some reason. It showed me the beauty of Paris, and made me fall in love with a French boy who has an English accent and attends an American school. Also, it gave me a perfect view of the imperfect protagonist and told me that there is *chance**hope* and *magic* out there. I know, it’s far different from my belief system, but finding a great book is like finding love I guess. You may have a certain type but when it comes down to finding that one person you’re never gonna completely stick to your type.

When I received this book in the mail a year ago, I was over the moon. At that time, I haven’t even opened it yet but I knew it was going to be beautiful. My expectations were very high, and I’m glad to say that those expectations were met.

Now this one is just beyond words. Lola and the Boy Next Door was the perfect companion novel. I love the whole concept of “companion novels” because it sets the right mood to the previous books that the author has written. Steph left Anna and St. Clair in a good place, and messing up their story line to create another happy-ever-after would just wound the readers. Lola stands alone, but characters from Anna overlap… in a good way. It’s the perfect kind of reinforcement. When I read Lola, I was literally brought to tears at how simple yet touching some parts were. Reviewers were right when they said that “every page sparkles” because it really does. Lola didn’t just show me the place; it brought me there. San Francisco as you all know from my “Places I should be at” category is very dear to my heart. It’s just the perfect mix, and placing Lola Nolan and Cricket Bell in the middle of it all? That just placed everything out in the universe for me. In a very, very good way.

I met Stephanie Perkins yesterday and was over the moon about it. I went to the Vegas Valley Book Festival just to meet her and g0t my book signed. She’s super duper pretty with amazing red hair! I think I kind of scared her a bit with my extra enthusiasm and near-to-tears proclamation of the beauty of her books. I usually come off a tad too strong when faced with people or things that I am passionate about. I am very passionate about books, YA, being yourself, and cute-smart-funny-tall-boys. I’m still not over the fact that she signed my book and wrote a short message. I can honestly say I’ll always be more starstuck with an author than the Jonas Brothers any day.

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