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Fall Accessories

November 8, 2012

I absolutely love fall accessories. Especially all the scarves and hats that suddenly spring up. Living in such a hot weather makes me yearn for that chilly fall morning with the leaves falling and the sound of boots on cobblestones. Why can’t it be like that where I live? Oh right, I live in a desert! I just hope that in the (near) future I’ll be able to live somewhere wherein fall is at it’s best. Where you can really feel  the seasons changing. Hopefully in a place like Washington DC, Boston or even Philly.

Scarves, hats, boots, and sweaters make this particular season distinct. The transition from summer to fall creates a clear divide as opposed to Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. And by distinct, I mean the fashion! Even though I barely have the chance to wear them (bitter), I still drool over the catalogs most stores release. So let’s take a look at some of my picks!

scarves by breathingliberty 
hats by breathingliberty 
I love maroon on scarves and berets; it exemplifies fall quite well. Also, bowler hats in deep colors and beanies in light colors are pretty common these days. Cute but I like my beanies in darker colors. Which may create a backlash on my jet-black hair, but to each her own! And the scarves, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve been coveting the American flag scarf and the maroon infinity one for quite some time now. I just hope I can actually get them before the year ends. So, what’s your favorite fall accessory?
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