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Gifts for Her

November 25, 2012
It’s finally that time of the year, and I feel like people are worried about what to give rather than enjoying the spirit of Christmas. Nevertheless, we still have somewhat of a happy feeling when we see the smile on someone’s face when they receive something special. So for my gift giving series I’m going to start of with the ladies. Now the Gifts for Her category might have a bit of a high price range but that’s just because it’s for those who really want to go a beyond and over for that special lady in their life. Be it your mom, sister or significant other, here are a few gift suggestions that I would for her
gifts for her by breathingliberty featuring kate spade
  1.  Monogram Necklace and Bow Ring | I don’t think anyone can go wrong with certain jewelry. Especially if it’s the Kate Spade bow ring. I feel like it’s the perfect intimate gift that a person can receive. You can do no wrong when giving this certain trinket away. For the monogram necklace on the other hand, personal preference can vary. A lot of women love monogram necklaces (person writing this post for example) and a wide variety don’t feel it that much but nevertheless it’s still a lovely present to give away.
  2.  Ray-Ban Erika | This might be the new “staple” sunglasses a woman should have other than the classic tortoise shell Wayferers. It’s the perfect blend of feminine classic chic! These sunglasses would wonderfully frame a lot of facial structures and it’s just a lovely new piece to add in a person’s collection. It’s a good break from the usual Aviators and Wayferers.
  3.  Wonderstruck Enchanted | A very girly and sweet perfume by Taylor Swift that would be an ideal gift for a young teenage girl who is still searching for her signature scent. Many reviews say that his is way better than her original Wonderstuck perfume. I just prefer the packaging (hihi)!
  4. Kate Spade Earbuds | A little bit on the pricey side for a pair of earbuds but for the quality it’s worth it. It may not be your hundred-dollar Beats by Dr. Dre, but these will do well on a girls ear in the functional and fashionable sense.
  5.  Kindle Paper White | I don’t know about you, but any lady would be lucky to receive a Kindle on Christmas. Or a Nook, whichever you prefer to buy. It’s easily accessible, space-friendly, and very useful. I spend a lot of time on my own wandering the school hallways or just anywhere for that matter, and I hate lagging around my paperbacks because they might get messed up or destroyed in the process of moving around. A Kindle is a perfect way to save space in your bag and make good use of your time.
  6. Marc Jacobs Cardholder Iphone Case | It’s cute and useful at the same time! I hate lagging around wristlest, clutches or even handbags when all I need is my phone and a few extra bucks, cards or I.D. It’s just not wise to carry around big bags or heavy stuff that you won’t end up using. This case would be a great gift for someone on the go. One who’s not accustomed to bringing a  Mary Poppin’s bag around.
  7. Ted Baker Wallet | Now this is perfect for someone who’s always needing extra space in their wallet. Maybe they hoard cards and cash? Or maybe they just actually need a spacious wallet the Ted Baker Almira is a very versatile piece. One can even use it as a clutch!
  8. Anne Klein Watch | One of the more less expensive gifts to give in terms of watches. I love this one because it has such a youthful feel to it. This would be the perfect gift for a niece or a friend, or maybe for someone who never keeps track of time.
Happy shopping folks! Hope you’ll have an eventful Christmas 🙂
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