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Expect the Unexpected.

December 4, 2012

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I’ll let you in on a not-so-little secret: I have a talent of falling short… on every important thing in my life.  It’s slowly becoming the inevitable; my life is a series of mundane shortcomings that I just want to get rid of. I want to know the solution to all my problems, and I really want everything to work out the way I planned. I like being in control and once I loosen my hold on things it’s like everything comes falling apart. It’s not that I’m a walking wreck – more like a walking irony. It’s like climbing Mt. Everest and just one more step before you’re on top of the world, and then you slip. Fall down, break a bone, die or just stare at the beginning of the path. It’s that 1 point you missed to get an A, that small margin to win the competition and that late reaction to what should have been an early decision. I’m flawed, heck, everyone is! But why do I always end up in ironic situations where I never have the upper hand. I work hard and I try, but sometimes doing everything to be the best can be a tad tiring and I just want a break. I take breaks and I enjoy them; they just happen to be at the most wrong moments in the most awful situations. I constantly am chasing after time and doing all that I can to be at the top of my game. At the same time, I’m in need of a breather. A really good one for me to regain my sanity.

What is it about certain situations that just never go in my favor? I know a lot of people have experienced this kind of distress, and I don’t know how to get out of it. There’s just too much to do at such short time. Sometimes we think we’re superman/superwoman but face it, no one is. There will always be that one thing we can’t do or be great at; that one thing that can just smack us straight on the face. I used to think avoidance was the key, apparently not. Failing isn’t the worst feeling in the world. It’s being one step closer to where you want to be and falling right before you can take the step.

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