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Some People Are Just Better At Living

December 13, 2012


I survived my first semester of college! I didn’t completely bomb my finals (I think.. hopefully), and I just hope my grades turn up better than expected next week. Now that I’m officially on my month long Christmas vacation I’m already exhausted of the unexpected. I get it; I’m a total nerd. I like school, and I love learning. Leading a stagnant lifestyle with no expectations or clearly thought out plans give me the creeps. For the most part what I like for myself is a plan. If I could just pan out every moment of my life in a specific direction, I would. But then again, we all have to “expect the unexpected” and “taking things one step at a time”. An excess of cliché lines but accurate enough. When will I learn the art of going with the flow?

Spontaneity is a good thing, and it’s refreshing to experience. The thing about me and spontaneous moments is that they happen when I have the time to let them happen. Summer for example is the time for the unexpected and the unplanned, but somehow that also reflects a well-devised system. I like the control I have over my life; sometimes I feel like I have too much control over it that I’m on a monotonous path to boring adulthood. It’s true that I want to live a life far different from the norm. Where in I’d put myself first and my interests are my priorities. I’ve always felt like the only way I can accomplish that life that I oh-so-thoughtfully planned out is to actually keep a level head on what I should be doing at times that they need to be done. Everyone tells me I should take a break, and I do! It’s just that my definition of a “break” differs from the vast majority. Don’t judge the fact that I actually like to read socio-economic, political and medical articles. That I like to research about the world’s monarchies, and that I enjoy looking up med schools and how to gain acceptance to them. That’s just my version of leisure. Everyone has their weird habits/guilty pleasures. I just can’t help the fact that I’m boring and am embracing it full on. How about you guys? What are your outtakes on spontaneity and breaks?

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