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The Comfort of Solitude

December 20, 2012

Can you hear that? Listen closely.  Concentrate on what I’m trying to tell you; close your eyes and exit the world. Don’t you just love that sound? It’s the comfort of silence.

It’s been a long year, and no matter how fast time flies all of us has been through a hell lot. Congratulate yourself for making it through 2012 in one piece; take time to think about you and what you want for 2013. This isn’t going to be some motivational post that correlates to the spirit of Christmas. Nope. This is about the goodness of silence and the comfortable feeling of spending some time alone.  Those are one of the best things life can offer in my opinion. Living isn’t about being surrounded by tons of people and going to a number of places. It isn’t about where you should be or what you should be doing. That’s not the purpose of living. Its true purpose is to cater to what you want and need while standing on solid ground with a level head. Coexist with others in a way that silence is good and being happy is remarkably evident. Don’t be cautious with your decisions because you have barriers put up to filter creativity. This New Year, change things in your life that you want different. Do stuff that you’ve always wanted to do an, most importantly, enjoy your own company.

Happy Holidays!

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