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The Struggle Behind Happiness

January 4, 2013

The sad reality about life is that at some point we expect it to be perfect. In that moment we expect to be at our most content, and that feeling may or may not stay with us forever. The choices we make everyday account for the intended outcome. ‘A means to an end’ they say, but as per usual there’s no psychic that can tell us where we’ll end up or what we’ll be. We just hope for the best, and 99% of the time depend on supposed fate.

I never believed in supposed destinies; I still don’t. I always had the notion that having a direct path to a  certain destination was enough. It was my means to what I envisioned the end to be. My inner perfectionist tells me that I’m living the most thought-out and well-planned lifestyle. And my inner teenage rebellion is rolling her eyes at my ever-present rationality. I may be a little bit out of balance with emotions and how to deal with all types of people and situations, but I’ve stuck to one thing right and that’s to never wear your hear on your sleeve. Walls vary for everyone; mine just happens to be higher up and stronger than most people I know. Being transparent about the emotions you feel can land you in pretty sticky situations. It may work out, but eventually it’s not gonna be all hearts and flowers. So don’t expect perfection and everlasting content. Expect the reality that comes with happiness, and how without that certain struggle we’ll never enjoy the beautiful side of life.

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