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Resume: Start Up!

January 16, 2013

I think I just spent half the day making my resume, and it’s only one page! I just wanted it to be flawless regardless of my lack of experience. For that reason I sought out help from “Free Resume Generator” or “Free Resume Templates” Online. Big mistake! Sure, they help you map out your career highlights, background and education but they make you pay for it. When you click download it all goes back to money. And no way was I going to chalk up cash for something I could work hard on my own. So I did what any sneaky college student would: I left my unpaid resume open in another window, sought out unique templates and samples online and redid the whole enchilada on Microsoft Word! It wasn’t like taking candy from a baby, I tell you. At first I thought I could get away with the templates on MS Office and just wing it. Little did I know that there is a significant difference between a student resume, entry-level and a job resume. I was basically on “start-up level”, and had to make everything as clear and concise as possible without looking like I was trying to hard or blatantly exaggerating my skills and abilities. was a big help on my start-up resume and gave me a simple template for what a college student’s resume could look like. I just made a few tweaks to it like adding “highlights” or “summary” before the “education” heading and wrote a short-yet-straight-to-the-point paragraph on what I wanted out of the program I wanted to be admitted in. Things that make the person reading your resume understand who you are and how you can become an asset to their program/company are the key factors that makes a clear and straightforward resume. Skills that are unique and noteworthy yet real and useful are my approach to these things. So hope this helps you out!


Sample Resume for College Students.

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