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Laugh Like No One Is Watching

January 26, 2013


Just a little joke to make you guys smile. I’ve been living off jokes and quotes all week trying to keep myself sane after going through a hectic first week of school. Taking in more credits than the average college student (again) still proves to be a heavy weight on my shoulders, but I’ll try to keep it on the cool-side.

Spring semester has started and I’m already swamped with school work. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible to do all this, but I’m pretty well aware of how to step up my game. Again, talk is cheap so I actually have to put my plan into action. Thankfully, I’ve been immensely following (and reading, of course) The College Prepster’s posts, and I think I’ve found my life saver! Carly definitely has the best advice for Type-A (even non Type-A) personalities. Her Finals Week post helped me a ton when I faced it full on my first semester of college. She also has great organizing tips, book recommendations and the cutest preppy outfits you can find online!

So folk, if I’m going to be a tad MIA this Spring I apologize in advance. I promise that I’ll be able to catch up once spring break starts and finals are over. ‘Til then!

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