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Cancelled Show #5: Emily Owens MD

March 21, 2013

I’m huge on T.V. shows, and I don’t really know if all my shows are keeping me sane or making me paranoid.
Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan of a BUNCH (more than a bunch) of T.V. shows and nothing more breaks my heart when some of them get cancelled. So I’m narrowing down my top 5 all-time favorite T.V. shows that are unfortunately cancelled. Thank you in advance for hearing out my distress.


I have no idea why the CW would cancel this wonderful show only after 13 episodes! It was funny, heartwarming and just overall entertaining. I think the biggest fallback that this show faced was the lack of ads or promos. It just wasn’t out there enough. The characters of Emily Owens M.D. just made the show ten times better; seriously, Micah Barnes is the cutest! The flurry of cute doctors got to me. It was like a younger version of Grey’s Anatomy. Something that has a fresh kick to it. Also, the main character (Emily Owens, of course!) always had these life lesson statements at the end of the episode that just tied everything together. I felt like what she said made so much sense especially to college students and teenagers, and yes, even the older people got a kick out of it! EMOMD was the quintessential T.V. show for a college student and I’m still reeling from its cancellation.

My feelings as of this moment:

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