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That Little Nook of Yours

May 1, 2013

Lists. Piles and piles of things to sift through and do. The worst thing? Is that it never ends. It just keeps piling up and rising and consuming the time in my hands. Although I spend majority of my time complaining about my said to-do lists, I also spend a good amount of it doing work. But it’s never enough. Nothing can ever be finished or fully accomplished. Life goes on because of that. The small things that keep us going are also the things that annoy us the most. My OCD might be kept at a minimal level, but I’ve always been manic about organization and knowing where my things are. At the same time, I’m fully in awe of those people whose got the guts to maintain such a mess of a work environment and still be able to function impeccably. I love seeing how people go through their workload and have their system; it puts me at ease that they can go through everything without having a system built in… their system!

As ridiculous as it sounds, people’s work spaces excite me. It’s like the holy grail of workaholics; the stacks of paper, mugs of coffee and the multiple browsers open in their laptop just makes everything seem much more real. The idea of productivity makes a nerd like me even more… nerdy. A person’s work space has this originality that must have sprung up only from their personality. And don’t get me wrong. Just because one may have a messy workplace doesn’t always mean they’re just a mess in general. Not at all! It may imply that they’re hard workers or even creative beings that don’t have the time to pause their wandering mind. Nonetheless, your work space is yours and you can do anything you want with it. I’m simply here to say that I’d love to observe.

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  1. May 2, 2013 5:03 am

    I have the same addiction. I love looking at work spaces, home offices, craft rooms, art studios, garages turned into carpentry man caves.. you name it. I always feel like I can do something more with my own and try and draw inspiration from others and how they utilized their space.

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