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I do not want to be won over, but earned.

May 5, 2013

Thursday nights are always exciting in my book. It’s when I finally get to relax and welcome the weekend (I only have school Monday-Thursday) and it’s also when all my favorite shows come up. Grey’s Anatomy for one, Suits before its winter finale and of course Scandal. I was a bit skeptical on starting Scandal – knowing too well that I’d either love it and add it to my growing list of shows to watch or hate it and hate myself for not finishing what I seemingly started. I did end up absolutely loving it; the show is just so smart that you simply can’t turn your back on it. The main character, Olivia Pope, is a force of nature. She’s successful, intelligent and probably necessary to every political animal there is in D.C. Let’s also not forget how this show is set in Washington D.C., which again adds to my love for D.C. based shows (i.e. Georgetown Cupcakes and Covert Affairs). The main character and her gladiators (kind of like associates) levels the show to new heights. And although there’s a technical difficulty of a philandering president, I believe his reasons are somewhat justifiable… weird as that sounds.

The last episode titled “A Woman Scorned” got to me in a weird way, and it probably did to just everybody else. With the iconic Olivia Pope finally drawing the line and yelling out the words “If you want me, earn me!” to our dear ol’ fictional president. It’s always an uphill-downhill kinda thing with them, and I guess this episode started to actually put things in motion with Mellie Grant going on live t.v. and accusing her husband of adultery… Which is actually what you’d expect from a woman scorned. But anyways, what I wanted to talk about were those 6 powerful words that girls all around the country are now throwing at to their male hopefuls. “If you want me, earn me!” But here’s the thing, people don’t know how they can be earned. Is it by letting him “choose you”? Buy you flowers? Hold your hand? Okay, I’m going all Bruno Mars on you but you get the point. What constitutes “earning”? I guess it’s personal preference of sorts. Some people may be low key while others have extremely high standards. It got me thinking though, that people often misunderstand the ways in which you earn someone. Do you actually get to earn them? Or just win them over? There’s a fine line of distinction between the two and I’m probably gonna make it one of my life’s goal to point out the difference. Either way, I prefer to be earned and not won over.

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