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Cancelled Show #4: Terra Nova

June 22, 2013

The future + time travel + dinosaurs + Dean Geyer = fictional heaven. Terra Nova was such an amazing production and I’m still reeling from it’s cancellation. I loved the entire story line and was amazed by the medical advances (invasive no more) happening in the future that they are using in the past. I know it’s a tad confusing and maybe that’s why the show was cancelled but if you’ve kept up from episode 1 then you’ll understand my fandom.

Basically, the show revolves around a family set in the distant future and they’re living in a dying world. The mother gets an opportunity to relocate her family to a million (billion?) years to the past in the set up colony of Terra Nova. There they start a new life and transition to a new world where dinosaurs exist! You actually have to watch it to understand it’s intricate story life and strong characters. My favorite of which are Maddy Shannon and Mark Reynolds. And okay, I admit that their specific story line is what got me hooked.

So instead of wallowing in my sadness of yet another great show being cancelled, I encourage you guys to check it out for yourself! Season 1 left of with kind of a happy ending so you won’t be all too disappointed for it to be gone. It’s on Netflix, just so you know.

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