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5 Things I’ve Learned From My Freshman Year of College

September 7, 2013

5. You can finally mind your own business because nobody cares about your business. 

This realization hit me my first week of class. I was placed in a whole new setting where everyone’s just doing their own thing and not minding others around them. High school was mostly about that, whether you went to a huge public school or pretty modest private school, everyone was up in everyone’s business. In high school, you knew a girl who knew a girl who has a cousin who got kicked out for whatever reason or that the person sitting at the back of the room’s name is Rosie and that she has the loudest giggle in class. In college, you probably won’t know the name of the person sitting next to you in your intro classes – of about 300 people – and you definitely wouldn’t care about their giggle. You just wanna get in and get out of class with as information about the lecture as possible. Socializing is reserved for hipster nights at the local cafe, frat parties on greek row or study groups in the library. I’m pretty thankful that this is how the situation was in college; four years surrounded by affluent school girls and traditional teachers can take it’s toll on your private life.

4. There will a a load of cute guys (and girls) everywhere. Do not get distracted!

Literally, eye-candy is found everywhere! College is a big step up from hormone-crazy high school. Everyone is not as awkward and everyone is a bit more confident doing their own thing. Case in point, it makes people appear way more attractive. If said cute guy decides to sit beside you in Psych 101, please don’t spend the entire semester ogling him. Ask him out or something! If you’re not about that life, just don’t appear like an awkward stalker. As for high school sweethearts, good luck keeping them!

3. Parties must be kept to minimum to maintain a fairly decent GPA.

You’re in college, you’re free, woohoo! Time to party! Classes? Psh, I’ll ace ’em all! NO. Noooo. It’s not a domino effect. It’s a seesaw. One goes up while the other goes down; you just have to make a clear distinction of which. My advice for you is to not go out ever single night and drown yourself in alcohol or even dance the night away. Good grades and a great social life only happen in movies or books. It’s a myth and for some people a lifelong dream. (which i absolutely have no idea why) I spent a bulk of my freshman year focusing on the actual work I needed to get done; I’ve already had a bad experience with my chemistry grade dipping back in high school and I definitely do not want that to happen in college. You can’t fake a good paper, and you definitely can not cram for midterms or finals. Do what you have to do to stay in school and graduate. Have some fun if you will… just not ever night of the week.

2. Stop spending and start saving! Plus it helps with the Freshman 15. 

Junk food is cheap, soda is cheap and everything else that’s considered garbage for your body (or mind) is cheap. Do not give in to the temptation of having chips for breakfast everyday, a diet coke and McDonald’s for lunch and a dose of ramen every night. Junk will not get you through the semester without having to spend on ten new pairs of jeans. Believe me, I am all about the ramen.. but you gotta start eating something healthy. Get a huge bag of salad maybe? Munch on an apple? Stop refilling your Diet Coke. It will help you down the line. Also, if you start taking notice of where your money is going maybe you won’t be in huge debt by the time your undergrad is over. The little things add up and someday you’re gonna be thinking about all the things you wasted your money on and how you could have invested it elsewhere.

1. Make friends, get involved and enjoy your freshman year.

You start new. So go make a ton of friends and filter them out along the way. I know it sounds condescending, but it’s true. You’ll meet a ton of people that you’re gonna get along with but those who will really make a mark on your life will only be a selected few. Which is a good thing; you wouldn’t wanna be stuck in a crowd full of people who don’t really know you for the next four years. You wanna be surrounded by lifelong friends who’ll remember specific moments of happiness with you. Choose your friends wisely! Personally, I wish I was more involved my freshman year. I didn’t participate in a lot of things, which can be a bad thing since it’ll lead me to be stagnant. If you find your niche and you get involved with organizations that kind of fuel that, you’ll be placed in an environment where you can grow and connect with people who might be your coworkers or colleagues one day. It’s a great resource for future employment and overall a great way to socialize. (The sobriety and substantial conversations are big factors) Lastly, enjoy your first year. It’s filled with intro classes so if you just learn how to manage your time and stay on top of everything, you’re gonna be able to fill your freshman year with memories and great adventures.


(messing around with the Paper by 53 app..haha)

Good Luck and Godspeed.

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