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I Will Not Apologize For My Unconventional Taste in Books

November 5, 2013

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I read chick-lit and romantic comedies religiously, and I have finally accepted that my taste in books ranges at a very short distance. I’ve had my taste of Tolstoy, Machiavelli and even Willa Cather, but I just find them a bore. My excuse is to each this own, and it’s as simple as that. My passion belongs to the heart-squirming novellas of Jamie McGuire, Stephanie Perkins and Nichole Chase. In high school this was normal. A 16-year-old lagging around a copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door was expected. It was when I sat down in my first lecture of World Literature during my sophomore year of college that I realized having a strong preference for teen novels is not very alluring in the world of academia.

I’m no English major, which is a good thing knowing that I easily get bored with the classics, but intellectual snobs in this day age are unavoidable. I do wish that I had a better interest in reading the JAMA and the Lancet. I really do want to finish the copy of The Scientific American that’s just collecting dust at the far end of my desk. In time, I will get all that work done but it’ll be done out of my own free-will and not because I was pressured to do so by those in my field. I will not yield to the intellectual snobbery that comes with finding out about my “pre-mature” preference of the written word coupled with the fact that I’m in pre-medicine. My love for girly teen novels has nothing to do with my interest in science. I do not want to become a cardiac surgeon because I want to “fix a broken heartache from the boy next door”. That sounds absurd and is sadly the favorite punch line of most intellectual snobs. I have my interests and have been quiet about them for a long amount of time. But I don’t see the point of doing so anymore. I’m a college student well aware of what science and classic literature is and will no doubt pursue a medical degree. But I’m also a huge fan of Suddenly Royal, Beautiful Disaster, Anna and the French Kiss and so many more. I may have an unconventional taste in books, but I cannot and will not apologize for it.

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