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Why Being Single Is the Best Thing for You at This Moment

March 9, 2014

Valentine’s Day went by faster than the sold out displays at Pandora. Although it was fun to over-indulge in chocolate and see instagram photos of your friends who actually have a valentine (living vicariously through them!), it also gave me a rather clear picture of why being single is a great thing.  Also, my family left for a weekend road trip and since I had Friday class I couldn’t go with them, when my brother came home on Monday he immediately asked about his turtle which my dad placed outside the day they left. I just stared at my brother and said, “What turtle?” the horror on his face snapped me back to reality. I forgot we had a turtle and it’s been outside for 3 days in the winter! Don’t worry though, it’s still alive. My point basically is I didn’t even remember my brother had a turtle much less took care of it, how can I remember anything to do with a man when sometimes I don’t even notice the change in months?  So the next time you want a gigantic teddy bear, remember the one best thing about being single:

You see love for what it really is.

Here’s the thing about being single: you see everything. Every PDA couples have in the student union, every small argument you hear in the library and even their regular talks on the way to class. You’re not absorbed in your own love affair so there’s really no distracting you from being observant. You analyze people and their interactions and question the happiness level of what must be the hundredth couple you pass by being all stereotypically nauseating. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that there are couples who really understand each other on a deeper level; those who have everything figured out between them and reach the level of real love. But when you’re waiting in line at Starbucks having to watch the couple in front of you discuss who’s cuter or who loves who more after celebrating their 3rd week anniversary, you question what motivates people to even go out and date. Is it a social requirement to have someone constantly manhandling you now? Yeah sure, lust makes your relationship exciting but when being with one person constantly fizzles that out what do you have left? I think respect, understanding and the ability to be independent is the foundation of a great love but how can you find one with someone else if you haven’t found it within yourself? To see love for what it really is, you have to see yourself for whatever your purpose is. A significant other can’t find yourself for you.

And if any of you are wondering, yes this is my single appreciation post.

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